The success of the recent Back to Nature (non-digital) Day at Napoleon Reef was evident in the expressions of wonder and joy on the faces of the children throughout the day. Organised by the Napoleon Reef, Walang & Glanmire Residents Association in conjunction with the Glanmire Walang Rural Fire Service and the Napoleon Reef Land care Group, the day provided children as young as 2 with opportunities to explore some of the plants and animals in their local environment. Hands-on activities included experiments and problem solving, examination of beetles, bugs and rocks under magnification, games and art and craft activities as well as fascinating displays to examine. The 16 children were accompanied by parents, grandparents and carers who actively engaged with the children, learning alongside them.

The only screen of the day was used to view a short, locally-made film capturing the beauty and life cycle of the tiny Purple Copper Butterfly, also known as the Bathurst Copper Butterfly. The endangered butterfly, stylised as Bathurst Regional Council’s logo, requires a very specific habitat which is found in several small pockets of the local area.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious morning tea and lunch and agreed that the day was outstanding. Special thanks go to Christine Bailey who created all of the activities and displays and also to the residents who provided the food.  This was a wonderful community event that is sure to be built on in the future.