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Located 10 minutes to the east of Bathurst, N.S.W. are the rural and rural residential locations comprising Napoleon Reef, Walang and Glanmire. An area steeped in history and natural beauty it is home to around 300 families.

Once small isolated communities that existed on the sides of the main ant track linking Sydney and the Blue Mountains with the west this area is now home to farms, wineries, cottage industries, B&B’s and those seeking to live closer to nature.

The residents association which aims to foster the interests of the local residents acts to draw the local community together in conjunction with a number of other organisations including:

Napoleon Reef Landcare Group The Napoleon Reef Landcare Group


Membership applications are now being taken from residents in the Napoleon Reef, Walang and Glanmire areas. Help build and protect our community by joining and becoming an active member of the residents association. Details can be found on the Membership page.

The Residents Association honours and respects the land, its history and cultural heritage. It acknowledges the unique environment and extraordinary beauty of the Napoleon Reef, Walang and Glanmire area. We work together to foster a community and environment that can flourish in a sustainable way.

2019 AGM & Membership

AGM - 10.30am Sunday 11th August, 2019 at the fire...

Interpretive Sign Unveiling

Napoleon Reef Gateway Sunday 2 June 2019 was an...

2018 AGM and Membership

Update on AGM date and membership information.